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 Zeke Moffit lives in the rather droll little mind of Jeffrey MacPherson as a personable venue for his musical meanderings. RJeffrey MacPhersonenown for his renownness Zeke has traveled the world and the 7 seas but every bodies looking for something. From time to time our boy Zeke has been known to go for days on end speaking in old song lyrics. But I have to admit it;'s getting better. 

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It's important to stay true to your roots. See me perform live in my hometown on Feb. 22!

"Songs from the Heart" just hit retail and online stores nationwide! Are y'all diggin' it?

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Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, Jeffy grew up swooning along with her radio. She cultivated her silky-smooth vocals in a gospel choir in her hometown of Mudflatt, where she still performs on occasion. and of course Henry the Horse dances the Waltz.